Sunday update: Theater trivia, the Goodwyn, Halloween costumes, etc.

I was flipping through the Memphis Flyer and noticed that Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot was performed at Rhodes College this weekend. A little trivia for you: In the 1950s, Beckett gave one of his neighbors’ children a ride to school every day, because the boy had grown too big to fit on the school bus. The neighbor boy went on to become famous as professional wrestler Andre the Giant.

Now, see, that’s the kind of insightful trivia you won’t find anywhere else. Bet not even the Commercial Appeal’s theater reporter knew that little fact.

The building next door to mine, the Goodwyn, that is being converted to condos and sold, now has a website. Check it out. The developers are the same people who converted No. 10 Main into apartments and are just super good guys.

Got an e-mail from another regular blog reader, Carmel, who said, “Damn! Someone stole my Halloween costume idea!” Apparently she was also going to dress up as me for Halloween, but blog reader Mallory (see the previous post) beat her to the punch. Maybe I should create a Paul Ryburn Halloween costume and get it in Party City. Not that I especially want to be a Halloween costume, but if I can collect royalties then I’m all for it.

So it’s a little after 9 on Sunday night and I’m home from the day’s drinking festivities, which were pretty boring today. Trying to decide if I want to go back out. I need to find a girl to kiss who won’t be leaving town in a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months. That seems to have been a challenge for me this summer.

My latest Deal of the Week column is up – dress your dog up like a bee! Or if you’re really adventurous, your cat! I’m trying to inject more humor into Deal of the Week because frankly, I’m getting bored with it. When I agreed to start writing the weekly column, I did it for the fame/notoriety of being a Commercial Appeal writer much more so than the money I get for writing it. But, six months in, my personal blog draws 10 times the traffic that Deal of the Week does, even with the CA’s name behind Deal. I don’t know… I’ll keep doing it for now, but I suspect I may lose interest by the end of the year.

Eh. I think I’ll just stay home for the remainder of the evening. I’m sure I don’t need to mention that I’ll be at Pint Nite at the Saucer tomorrow after work.