Amendment 1

So, on Election Day next month Tennesseeans will vote on Amendment 1, which if it passes will ban gay and lesbian marriage.

I’m a straight guy. I like women. A lot. And only women. And yet, I can’t figure out how my lifestyle would be threatened one bit if Bob and Steve (or Maureen and Tabitha) who love each other very much were able to marry each other.

I guess people want me to believe that the woman of my dreams would see that gay marriage is allowed, and think to herself, “Oh! It’s OKAY to be a lesbian! I think I’ll give it a try!” and maybe she’d like it and never become attracted to me and marry me. But, you know, I’m pretty sure that the woman of my dreams likes men. And if I do one day marry the woman of my dreams, I can’t see how our marriage will mean any less because Bob and Steve are married as well.

If one day I have children, I don’t think they’ll be more likely to “decide” that they’re gay because they see that gay marriage is permitted. However, if my children DO turn out to be gay, I would want them to live their lives in an environment of comfort and acceptance – an environment they’re more likely to have if this amendment fails.

And it seems to me that if Bob and Steve are lifelong partners who love each other as much as a man loves his wife, Bob should be able to add Steve to his insurance policy as his spouse. If Bob becomes gravely ill, Steve deserves to legally be his “next of kin” who can make life-and-death decisions if the need arises.

As I said before, I’m straight. Several of my friends are not. Legislation that says that they are less of a human being than I am offends me to the highest degree.

And if I ever have children, intolerance, prejudice, exclusion, and minding other people’s business are not the kind of “family values” I plan on teaching them.

Stupid, stupid, unnecessary amendment and proof that this country is heading in the wrong direction. We need to be creating legislation that addresses people’s possibilities, not their fears.

Vote No on 1.