Drunk post: St. Jude, Chicago, Romanians, Blues Ball

Hi there. I’m Paul, and this is my blog. And I’m drunk. My trivia team the Rapscallions took home a first-place ($50) victory in trivia this week at the Flying Saucer. Although, Team Accountant got all excited when a question about GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) came up. Doesn’t matter; they still lost.

One of my teammates, from Chicago, told me I need to come visit him back home. “There’s entire neighborhoods in Chicago, with nothing but Romanians,” he said. “It’s like a Romanian village. You go into the bars and restaurants, and half the people don’t speak English.” Dude, I am SO there. Romanian women are hot. I understand there’s a Ukranian village as well. May visit that one too.

If you’re downtown tomorrow, it might be worth it to drive by the intersection of South Main and GE Patterson. Apparently MATA has brought in a light rail train to show people what the future of Memphis transportation will be like. I mean, assuming they don’t fuck it up like they did the trolley. The goddamn thing derails every other time it turns the corner from Main onto Madison. Anyway, the light rail train took an entire day to unload from the truck from what I hear, so go by and appreciate MATA’s efforts. It’s like 100 feet long, so it’s quite a spectacle.

Congrats to St. Jude, which was recently named the #1 place to work in academia. I have several friends who work at St. Jude, and I’ve never ever heard anything negative about the place. St. Jude’s is an employer who gets it. Treat your employees well and in turn your customers (patients) will be treated well. Thumbs up.

The Cordova Fox & Hound has experienced a rash of car break-ins. Just a heads-up for those of you who thought it was safe out in East Bumblefuck, unlike Downtown and Midtown which are practically third-world countries according to those living in “teh 018” and “teh 016.” (Wannabe hipster slang for the Cordova 38018 and 38016 zip codes. Oh, and please learn how to spell “the”) They also have had problems with “solicitors,” or “bums” as we call them downtown.

The Blues Ball is this Saturday. Now, the Blues Ball itself can be missed (like I could give a shit about what gown Pat Kerr Tigrett shows up in, and otherwise what point is there in going), but I will point out that there’s usually a Blues Ball after-party at Earnestine & Hazel’s at Main and GE Patterson, which is free except for your tab for beer. I’ll likely show up sometime between 12 and 1:30.

I’m wasted. I’m going to bed. Tomorrow there will be entertainment in Court Square from 6 to 8 – The Billy Gibson Band with special guests The Bums and The Pigeons. Afterward I’ll hit the Flying Saucer for Buy The Beer, Waste Money On The Glass night where the featured beer/glass will be Abita Turbo Dog, and live music will be provided by Whoever The Hell Is Playing This Week. But that’s tomorrow. Right now I’ve got to go lie down. My head is spinning.