7 is the new 6:51

Good news for Flying Saucer patrons:  The clock on their computer/cash register system, which has been wrong for years, has been reset to the correct time.  Up until Tuesday, happy hour ended at 6:51 PM, because their clock ran 9 minutes fast, and no one could figure out how to fix it.

To set the clock, they brought in a team of three Ph.D. Computer Science faculty members from the University of Memphis, who were unable to figure out how to set the clock either.  They then held a seance and channeled the spirit of the late Paul Erdos, one of the most prolific mathematicians of the 20th century.  The ghost of Erdos told them to highlight the minutes, press the down arrow icon next to the time nine times, and then click OK.  “Clicking OK was a critical step in the process,” commented one of the Ph.Ds.   “We never would have figured that out had we not psychically contacted Erdos.”

The professors plan to submit several papers to scholarly journals on the solution of this problem.  Bar patrons celebrated by ordering another beer.