Pics: Rapscallion Party 19

I’m not entirely sure I have the number right, so 19 plus or minus 1. Maybe. Last night was the quarterly gathering of our trivia team, the Rapscallions, to spend the gift certificates we had won over the past three months. We didn’t have an enormous $600+ tab as we’ve had the past couple of parties. This time it was a more reasonable $443.

Usually most of the team members drink $3 Fire Sales or their favorite beers in the $4-$7 range to make the tab last as long as possible, but last night I offered an alternate suggestion. “You know what?” I said, “Let’s go big. Let’s order expensive beers and see how fast we can run this tab out. We’ve earned it. We deserve to treat ourselves.” The team happily took that suggestion to heart, and beers in the double-digit price range flowed freely.

We took a break from the Arkansas-Mississippi State game to pose for a pic.
Since Rapscallion Party 1, we've had a standing rule that the Trivia Masters, Pete and Mikey, are welcome at all our parties. Here Mikey helps us drink a Chimay.
Terry (at left) couldn't make it to my plate party Thursday night, so I invited him to the Rapscallion party. He nearly got exiled to another table for wearing Tennessee orange and rooting for Mississippi State.
John D used the party as an excuse to venture away from his usual Bud Light and try some other beers.
Here I am posing for a pic with Kari.
Stephanie and Frank

My beers for my plate were Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre, and Stone Ruination IPA. Otto gave me a sample of a black IPA made by Stone which was really delicious. Going to have to try that one soon. Even though it’s only two days after my last plate party, I’m already 35 beers into my 5th plate. 165 more and I’ll get my Master of the Universe card and someone will have another plate party to barge into uninvited.

Next party will probably be in late February/early March. Go team!