Sat update: Downtown Alive!, Orpheum young professionals’ group, “only in Memphis” story, bluffing at poker, Will Barton doing well, Colorado Springs threatened

Downtown Alive!, the weekly lunchtime entertainment series, starts next week in Court Square. This series is put on by the Downtown Memphis Commission and all events are free to the public. Events run from 11:45 AM to 1 PM except as noted. Here’s the lineup for the coming week:

Monday, April 15: Grizzlies pep rally
Tuesday: April 16: Handmade notebook workshop
Wednesday, April 17: The Misty Rae Band
Thursday, April 18: Alex de Ponte and Jeremy Stanfill, food truck rodeo (regular time); Zumba (5 PM)
Friday, April 19: The Metal Museum

The Orpheum is starting a young professionals’ group. If you’re new to Memphis (or even if not) and you enjoy the theatre, this is a good way to connect with like-minded individuals. I was in a similar group about seven years ago. Although that group focused on the arts in general rather than one specific venue, I met a lot of very cool people through it. The launch party is Tuesday, April 23 in the Pat Halloran Broadway Club, and is free for members and non-members. More details here.

Only in Memphis: Two men, a father and son, drove through Jack Pirtle’s for some chicken. When they got home, they discovered they didn’t get all the chicken they had ordered. They drove back, asked for the remaining chicken, and demanded that in addition they receive some extra chicken for the trouble of having to drive back. They emphasized their point by pointing an AK-47 at the cashier. Read the story here.

For my poker-playing friends: How to bluff like a poker champ, a Men’s Health article with tips from poker pro Annie Duke and former FBI agent Joe Navarro. If you’re a fan of poker or body language, Joe is a great follow on Twitter at @navarrotells.

Nice to see former Memphis Tiger Will Barton in the starting lineup for the Portland Trail Blazers last night. Portland lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 106-90, but Barton scored 18 points in 38 minutes on the court. If you look at his minutes for this season, you’ll notice an upward trend in recent games. Looks like the Portland coaching staff has figured out how to harness Will’s considerable talent. Nice to see a former Tiger make it in the big time.

According to North Korea, Colorado Springs is toast when the DPRK launches its massive attack on the imperialist pigs of the United States. Only thing is, North Korea doesn’t seem to have any idea within 1000 miles where Colorado Springs is located. Hey Kim Jong-un, on the off-chance you read this blog, here’s a T-shirt you should buy: If You’re Crazy and You Know it, Shake Your Meds

Plans for today: I need to do my taxes, but “tomorrow” sounds like an excellent day for that. Most of my friends are out of town on a canoe trip, so I’m pretty much on my own. Probably I start at Panda’s bar at Bardog at 11, then stop and see Christina at the Saucer, and contemplate whether I feel like cabbing it out to Overton Square for their crawfish festival this afternoon. The “big daddy” of Memphis crawfish festivals, City Auto’s Rajun Cajun Fest on the river, is a week from tomorrow, so I don’t feel like I’ll be totally missing out if I skip today’s.

Time to hit Publish and do laundry and boring stuff for a couple of hours. Back tomorrow with another post, probably.