Tuesday morning update

It’s time to go bowling! The Memphis Tigers face off against Western Kentucky in the Boca Raton Bowl this evening at 6:00. The game will be broadcast on ESPN. GO TIGERS!

The Ataris play the New Daisy tonight, joined by Shamefinger, Indeed, and We Digress. Doors open at 7, music begins at 8. Tickets are $14-17. Buy tickets here.

If you notice a lot of people gathered around the Peabody Place office tower at lunchtime, they are part of a rally called Speak Out whose purpose is to show continued support for the Affordable Care Act.

Wiseacre is opening its taproom early Friday for the release party for Astronaut Status Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. From 1 to 10 PM the Astronaut Status will be flowing, with a 22 oz. bottle for $11 or a case of twelve 22 oz. bottles for $132. They are limiting purchases to 1 case per person. Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 will be shown on the big screen, and PressureWorld will be spinning tunes from 7 to 10.

In other Wiseacre news, bike jerseys are now available in their online store. Order by Thursday, December 22 to delivery by Christmas.

Statistics site FiveThirtyEight, its work of analyzing the 2016 presidential election done, took a moment to focus on another extremely important analytical task. It ranked the kids dancing in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special from 1 to 11.

Members of the Grizzlies are giving back, yet again. Is there any other NBA city where the players are so connected to the community?

Volunteer Odyssey has a list of volunteer opportunities your kids can do during winter break.

Nerd alert: You can count a lot higher than 10 on your fingers if you count in binary.

A friend of mine received the gift of Kopi Luwak on Sunday. What is that, you ask? It’s coffee that goes through a special kind of processing, I guess you could say. Indonesian coffee beans are fed to an Asian civet cat, and then the partially-digested beans are harvested from the civet’s feces and packaged and sold. It’s considered a delicacy. Yes, people literally drink shit water and brag about it.

(Pats self on the back for proper use of “literally”)

Live music tip for Christmas: Kaleidoworld will play the Blind Bear Christmas night.

Ugh… this time of the year I can’t even look at Facebook without Elf on a Shelf showing up on my news feed time and time again. For those of you who take part in that Christmas tradition, let me remind you of one thing:


My troll had quite a day at Blind Bear brunch on Sunday. As you can see, she made a new friend, and she almost dived into an above-ground pool filled with Fireball. Heck of a lot more fun than sitting on a shelf all day checking to see if children are behaving.

Off to work. Possibly back later today with more.