Good deal on local beer and more Friday news

Got some news today for my readers who like craft beer and who also like saving money. Ghost River has a nice little collection of short cases. These are cases of beers that either aren’t completely full, or whose labels were put on crooked. They are selling these cases (four 6-packs) for $20. That’s less than a dollar each. It’s like going to the outlet mall, but BEER!

High Cotton Brewing Co. is bringing back a popular event:

Memphis Made is bringing back their popular beginner sushi class on Sunday, February 26.

Yesterday Mayor Strickland delivered his annual State of the City speech at the Impact Club at Frayser Baptist Church. You can read the speech or watch the speech in its entirety.

Major League Baseball plans on experimenting with a pretty radical rule change in its rookie leagues and the World Baseball Classic. If the change proves successful, the new rule will make its way up through the minor leagues, eventually reaching the majors. The rule has to do with extra innings when the game is tied after 9: Each inning beginning with the 10th, the batting team would start out with a runner on second. The rule is designed to get extra-inning games over more quickly.

Chris Johnson, who got deep into the American Idol season and who has performed all over town, will play The Dirty Crow Inn tonight from 9 to midnight.

There are nasty women in The Edge! The Memphis exhibit of NYC’s Nasty Women Art Exhibit opens today at Marshall Arts, 639 Marshall, and runs through February 19. The subject matter is left up to each artist who either is a Nasty Woman or supports one. Funds raised from this will support women’s causes in the era of the Trump Regime.

Steph, Klay, Dray and KD come to town tonight as the Memphis Grizzlies host the Golden State Warriors tonight at 7 PM at FedExForum.

The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau has opened an office in Auckland, New Zealand to serve Australia and New Zealand.

That’s the news for now. It’s been a long but productive week, and I am ready for the weekend!