Saturday update: Bardog closed this weekend

Well, folks, I have some bad news. Due to ongoing MLGW repairs, Bardog Tavern, which has had to close the past three days, will be closed over the weekend. They posted that Bardog’s bartenders will be practicing their craft at the newest Aldo property, Momma’s Roadhouse at Crump and Kentucky (formerly The Dirty Crow Inn), this weekend.

Today I likely won’t get down there to Momma’s…since Bardog is closed I will lead off at the Blind Bear at 11 to watch the Tennessee-Florida game (CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP). Around 3 I will be meeting a friend at the Silly Goose for D-RANKS with B-RAD.

Tomorrow, however, is a different story. My tentative plan (weather permitting) is to lead off at the Blind Bear as usual. I like to watch my friends John D and Otto do the New York Times crossword and occasionally I even contribute an answer. About 1:00-1:30ish, around the time when they leave, I may make the walk all the way south and check Momma’s Roadhouse out. Couple beers there then head over to Loflin Yard at 4 for Cerrito Bingo, then back to the Downtown core before dark.

Makeda’s Cookies at 468 S. Second is having a 20th anniversary block party today from 11 to 6. There will be live music, vendors and samples. Get your photo taken with the Cookie Monster. Congratulations to Makeda’s on 20 delicious years!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Sporting Dog Days at Bass Pro at the Pyramid. Bring your hunting partner with you for free photo downloads (noon to 4 PM) and hunting seminars at 1 and 3.

There will be an Afro-Caribbean Fusion Dance Party tonight from 10 to 3 at Curry n Jerk, the restaurant on Monroe near Second, next door to McEwen’s. This international event will feature Reggaeton, Reggae, Top 40, Soca, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Afro Beat, Trap and Dembow. These international nights will happen the first Saturday of every month and are designed to appeal to people from all walks of life. (Scrolls down Facebook event listing…) Oh God, they have a dress code. No T-shirts no sneakers. How many times do I have to say it… dress codes do not work in this city.

The Memphis Tigers men’s basketball schedule has been released and the nonconference portion is vastly improved over previous years. You want a few cream puffs in the opening months, but you don’t want all cream puffs or your strength of schedule is so bad that it’s hard to get invited to the NCAA tournament. Thanks to president M. David Rudd’s prodding of the athletic department, the Tigers have the following:

  • Oregon (road game) November 12, 6 PM, on ESPN
  • Ole Miss, November 23, noon
  • Bradley, December 3, 8 PM, CBSSN
  • NC State (Barclays Center, Brooklyn) November 28, 3 PM, on ESPN2
  • Tennessee, December 14, 2 PM
  • Georgia, January 4, noon, on CBS

Cafe Keough is hiring baristas and line cooks. Apply in person 2-4 PM Monday-Friday.

The Grizzlies have announced their 2019-20 promotional schedule. Notable:

  • A sleeve on November 15, when Mike Conley and the Utah Jazz come to town
  • Jonas Valanciunas oven mitts on November 27, the day before Thanksgiving
  • #12 Ja Morant and #13 Jaren Jackson Jr. socks on December 13
  • Ja Morant pocket square on January 17
  • Grizz pillowcase on March 7

The Daily Memphian notes that there are no Wrestling Nights on the calendar this year. As much as I love wrestling, that was the right move. They overdid that concept last year.

BOGO! Buy a ticket to tonight’s Memphis 901 FC match vs. St. Louis, get a free ticket to their match Tuesday vs. Pittsburgh. Here’s the link.

iPhone users: I’m hearing that you might want to hold off on the upgrade to iOS13 until i0S 13.1 comes out next week.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies is hiring experienced delivery staff for their Downtown location.

This past Monday, some lucky diners got a preview of what is to come at Bishop, the French restaurant chefs Hudman and Ticer are opening in Central Station Hotel in about six weeks.

Last night Perjorie T. Roll and I got to try a peanut butter shot made by Mac at the Blind Bear.

I know Skrewball is the base for this shot, but there were a couple of other ingredients that Mac wanted to keep secret for the time being. Delicious – one of the tastiest shots I’ve ever had. If you want to give one of these a try, you can find Mac behind the bar at Blind Bear most Saturdays 6 PM until 1 AM or later. Mac is a huge college football fan, so be sure to ask him how his Tennessee Vols are doing this year.

Westy’s is doing First Sundays the first Sunday of every month, the next one being October 6. What’s that, you ask? There will be a local artists’ market, as well as a drum tribe, guitars, and activities for the kids. It will run “2ish to darkish.”

Edible Memphis has a great article about Cooper-Young Beerfest, which turns 10 this year.

Street closures tomorrow (Sunday) from 7 AM to noon:

  • Union between the south leg of Fourth and the north leg of Fourth
  • B.B. King Blvd. between Monroe and Madison
  • Maggie H. Isabel Alley between Monroe and Madison

This is to clear a flight path for a helicopter to lift equipment to the roof of the First Tennessee building at Madison and B.B. King. The same streets will be closed three future Sundays: September 29, November 3, and November 10 from 7 to 11 AM.

Prospero Health, a startup health care company, plans to move into One Commerce Square and bring 249 jobs to Downtown Memphis. The company provides home-based care to the seriously ill and their caregivers.

There will be a modern art market at Loflin Yard today from noon to 6.

Public Service Announcement: If, after several drinks, you get verbally abusive (including electronic communications) with your female friends, and later you apologize and say “that was the alcohol talking, not me,” then you need to curb your consumption of alcohol. Damn… I am very fortunate that my personality does not change when I’ve been drinking. The worst that happens is I get a bit sleepy sometimes. If you want to make fun of that, be my guest. It’ll give you something to do other than taking responsibility for your own words and actions.

All right, time to get dressed. I want to be at the door when Blind Bear opens so I get there before all the Bardog people show up and get the good seats. Wait a minute, on Saturdays I am Bardog people. And actually, I am quite happy to have them there, because I get two of my favorite groups of people in one spot. It’s gonna be a good day. Back tomorrow with more news.