Saturday update

Mid-afternoon yesterday, I walked down to the Shelby County Election Commission at Second and Poplar to early vote. The facility was very professionally managed: Volunteers kept everyone six feet apart in line, and I was offered hand sanitizer as I came in. I got to keep the Election Commission pen I used to sign forms, preventing spreading germs by using the same pen as other people. They gave me a wooden stick to use to vote, so that I didn’t spread germs by touching the touch screen.

One note I want to point out: My ballot was three pages long. The first page was the Presidential ticket, the second page was the U.S. Senate race, and the third page had both the U.S. House race (the Steve Cohen one) and the Tennesee House race (the Barbara Cooper one). I almost didn’t realize I needed to vote twice on the third page, so keep an eye out for that.

I was probably 12th to 14th in line when I walked up, and was at the counter in about 5 minutes, plus another 2 to complete the voting process. I gotta tell you, I don’t understand why anyone waits until Election Day. Early voting is so much easier.

Perjorie T. Roll will be old enough to vote in the 2036 presidential election. “We’re sending a troll to the White House that year!” she informed me. God help us all.

From the folks at Walking Pants Curiosities gift shop, where you can find all kinds of really cool stuff sold by good people:

Walking Pants
We are a couple of weeks late but now that the store is open again it is time to celebrate our 4th anniversary!
From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful, for each of you. We had an idea for a crazy little store in the South Main of Downtown Memphis and all of you helped bring that dream to life and proved love works!
Thank you for believing in impossible with us!
Ashley and Daryl

Walking Pants is in the same shopping center as Arcade Restaurant, Cheesecake Corner, and Max’s Sports Bar on G.E. Patterson at Main.

Very cool: Google now lets you search for a song by whistling and humming

Maciel’s now has online ordering. I tried it Thursday evening and it works great. There’s just something about not having to talk on the telephone that makes me so much more likely to order.

Cossitt Library will present Riverfront Story Time at 4 PM tomorrow, Sunday, October 18, in River Garden Park. They will read the book Quick as a Cricket. Kids must be accompanied by an adult and masks will be worn by everyone including library staff. Everyone will be properly social distanced. Blankets and chairs welcome. You’re encouraged to sign up in advance.

You remember how, in pre-COVID times, the Memphis Farmers Market had Master Gardeners on hand to give you free advice? Did you ever wonder how one becomes a Master Gardener? The Daily Memphian has the deets.

COVID stats update: 17.0 cases per 100K, 1.08 replication rate, 7.1% positivity rate for Shelby County. All of those numbers fall into the “not quite alarming but definitely not good” category.

No new Downtown updates but Scoop Memphis continues to be my new favorite website.

Someone who works near Beale but not on it, and who is a reliable source of this type of information, told me that Beale Street restaurants are allowed to stay open until 5. All other restaurants are directed to close at midnight by Health Directive 14. I am so tempted to comment on the absurdity of that situation, but why even bother…

Last night at the Blind Bear, Jeannette handed me a business card and told me this would be a good business to tell Downtowners about.

(click/tap image to view at a larger size)

Red Rover, Red Rover, who’s coming over? Not just everyone… happy birthday Neal AKA Hollywood.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is in town and will be at the Edge Motor Fest today 10-3 at 645 Marshall.

Coca-Cola is getting rid of Tab, one of the original diet colas. Oh, man, I have a co-worker who is going to be extremely disappointed.

Memphis Magazine’s Ask Vance column has info on the building that is now home to the Rumba Room. 100 years ago it was the Whistle Bottling Company.

Don’t forget, UCF at Memphis is on ABC at 2:30 today. Looks like the game of the week will be #3 Georgia vs. #2 Alabama at 7:00 on CBS. Based on today’s schedule, I would surmise that the old farts corner table at Max’s Sports Bar will fill up early today.

Hospitality HUB has had to abandon its plans to build a women’s shelter on top of the old auto inspection station on Washington Avenue.

2 Crazy Fellas will be at Ghost River this afternoon 3-7 serving their Cajun-inspired menu.

That’s it for now. Got a full schedule today, the fullest weekend schedule I’ve had since the pandemic hit. Back tomorrow with more news.