Only in Memphis will you see this

Thanks to one of my readers for telling me about this. On the Main Street Mall, just north of Jefferson on an empty storefront next to the Subway, someone taped the note below. It looked like it had been typed up and laser printed. Names and other identifying info deleted for obvious reasons.

“(Man’s name) former (old job) now (current job) owe (woman’s name who typed the note) $1100.00!!! If u c this poor excuse of a man please tell him to pay her. I have (disease) and I am disable and I can’t work and he refuses to pay me back my money! He is a poor excuse of a man and ladies beware poor excuse of a man is approaching u! Hold on to your wallets! He is a liar a cheater and he will not keep his promise! His baby mother is (name deleted). She is a (job) at (job location). His brother is (name deleted). Tell him to pay her $!!!!!”

Too funny.

Thanksgiving recap to come as soon as I download a few pics from the camera.