Here’s another pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating

Congrats to the Rapscallions on taking first place in trivia with a very high score.  Post-trivia, I joined the Nuh-Uh Girl, the Nuh-Uh Sister, the Nuh-Uh Brother (rare sighting) and the Nuh-Uh Brother’s Girlfriend at the Silly Goose.  Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating off the Nuh-Uh Brother’s and Nuh-Uh Brother’s Girlfriend’s plate:


Ques Brothers booth video has been uploaded and will go up in the morning.

Peabody Place block party

There will be a block party on the block of the Main Street Mall just north of Peabody Place this Thursday, May 21, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Free to the public, with music by Blind Mississippi Morris and the Bluff City Backsliders, and the following businesses will offer specials:

  • Majestic Grille – buy one appetizer get one half price for dine-in only; $4 mojitos on the patio.
  • Circa – $5 appetizers, $5 featured wines by the glass, $20 bottles.
  • Center for Southern Folklore – $4 peach cobbler and ice cream, $16 64 oz. Ghost River growlers.
  • Shelton Clothiers – 20% off entire store excluding sale items.
  • Bluefin – Kono Grilled Beef, Chicken or Shrimp with teriyaki sauce $12; $5 Bluefin Cosmo, $2 domestic beer.
  • Silly Goose – $3 wells.
  • Tobacco Bowl will have a table on hand for the debut of their new Bluff City Cigar.
  • Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art – 25% off museum admission, 15% off any one item in the museum store.
  • Art under a Hot Tin Roof – preview of their new store; showcase of pearl and leather jewelry.
  • RiverTown Art Gallery – specials on Memphis prints.

Great way to start your evening before the Peabody or Madison rooftop parties or whatever you decide to get into.

Ques Brothers booth walkthrough video will be posted as soon as it finishes uploading to YouTube.

Tue update: Kooky Canuck, Bardog poker, draft lottery, CA articles

Last Tuesday, Kooky Canuck put their 34 oz. signature cocktails on sale for $5, and it must have gone well, because it looks like they’re doing it every Tuesday now. One of those will take you from zero to hammered in record time.

Bardog Tavern continues their Freeroll Poker Tournament tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 20, in the downstairs Underdog Room at 7:30 PM. Call 901-275-8752 to reserve your spot. Compete for prizes, as well as points to be accumulated over a 16-week period toward a grand prize of a cruise for two. Space is limited, so call them ASAP if you want to reserve a spot at the table. This is a Texas Hold’em tournament with progressive blinds. The first week they did it, it ran late, but now they’re doing their best to get it done by 10:30. It’s hosted by Gut Shot Poker.

The NBA draft lottery is tonight. I haven’t heard as big a buzz about it as in past years, perhaps because the Grizzlies did a little better this season, and enter the lottery with the 6th worst record in the NBA. Therefore, according to Wikipedia their chances of drawing picks are as follows:

  • 1st pick: 6.3%
  • 2nd picK: 7.1%
  • 3rd pick: 8.1%
  • 6th pick: 43.9%
  • 7th pick: 30.5%
  • 8th pick: 4%
  • 9th pick: 1%

Where to watch? The Saucer isn’t hosting the Grizzlies’ watch party this year (Buffalo Wild Wings at Poplar and Highland has it) but there will still be a lot of people there. Another good place would be Calhoun’s on GE Patterson, Downtown’s best sports bar. Silly Goose has a $2 drink menu from 5 to 10 and four TVs, so that would be a good spot to drink for cheap while you watch the lottery. I believe the lottery starts at 7:30 PM, but wherever you go, you better show up early to get a good seat.

The Commercial Appeal projects Memphis Tigers guard Tyreke Evans as the 7th best player in the draft, so if the Grizz don’t move up in the draft, there’s a possibility we could end up with a local guy.

A few articles in the CA this weekend that are relevant to Downtown, which Downtowners may have missed due to BBQ Fest:

Block party at Main and Peabody Place Thursday night.  I’ll post specials later today or early tomorrow.

Mon update: Cheap drinks, happy 100th birthday, Voodoo Room, beer tasting

If BBQ Fest didn’t completely do you in, here’s a reminder that you can get dollar cocktails at the Silly Goose tonight from 5 to 7. Fifteen classic depression-era cocktails go on sale for a buck apiece. Needless to say, that is where I plan to be tonight, possibly with the laptop because I still need to upload BBQ videos.

I’d like to wish a happy 100th birthday to Brigadier Gertrude Purdue today. She volunteers twice a week at the VA Med Center, chairs the Salvation Army’s Women Auxiliary League of Mercy committee, and participates with the Optimist Club and Quota Club. She is a beacon of light for the homeless, the hopeless, and the sick. Happy 100th, Ms. Purdue, and I hope you have many more years left to serve the Memphis community.

The Voodoo Room in the downstairs of Orleans on Front is closed until further notice for renovations and upgrades. Right now I don’t have any more details than that. Hopefully I’ll talk to Chef Clint this week and get the full story.

If you like beer, there’s a tasting at the Memphis Zoo this Friday night from 7 to 10. $20 for zoo members, $25 for non-members. More details here.

Whew… still decompressing from BBQ Fest… I’ve posted pics but I’ll probably do a post of random BBQ-related thoughts in a day or two. For now, back to work. I’ll be at the Goose’s dollar cocktail night and the Saucer’s Pint Nite after work.

I’ve been waiting for two years to post this

Sleep Out Louie’s, one of the last places to carry NTN/Buzztime Trivia Downtown, closed in February 2007.  Since then there has not been a Paul vs. Skippy trivia match.

Until tonight, at Calhoun’s.

The results (my handle is PROFPR):


PROFPR, over 12,000… Skippy, under 9,000.  I also got the #1 monthly score on Countdown at Calhoun’s for the month of May.  I did the trivia victory dance.

Walked home after that, but of course the Saucer was on the way… good seeing former Saucer Girl Marla tonight… she showed me her new librarian glasses.

Six hours of sleep and then I get to go to work.

BBQ Fest Saturday: Roast that pork! Turn that spit! Haven’t been home, so I smell like……. bacon…

So, I got to the Ques Brothers booth about 2 PM yesterday, and what was the first thing I saw?


Yep, the Nuh-Uh Girl eating yet again.


Not long after I got there, I decided to walk around the south end of the park, and discovered that my landlords Henry and Heather had a booth.  Here’s a pic of their Chilean chili, which was AMAZING.  I texted the Nuh-Uh Girl and told her about it, and not long after she arrived back at the Ques Brothers booth with two big bowls of it.


Henry holding the Anything But trophy his team won Friday.


This is The Shed, the team that beat us for best booth.


Best Saucer waitress ever.  There will never be another Jenn B.


Take a look at the guy on the left… THIS IS THE MAN if you’re throwing an event.  He’s the reason our booth looked so good.  His name’s Brent and you can reach him through the Holliday Flowers website.


People were doing keg stands at the awards ceremony.  I wish I’d waited another 2 seconds to snap this photo, because this girl pretty much had no secrets left when they brought her down.


We waited to hear our name announced in the Top 10 but it didn’t happen.  We later found out that we slipped all the way to 33rd in shoulder.  The godfather of the Ques Brothers expresses his feelings on the standings: “BULL….. SHIT…..”


Awards ceremony notwithstanding, it was still time to party when we returned to the booth.  Here’s a pic of Skippy getting down.


Here’s a pic of Alexis getting down.


Here’s a pic of Terry getting down.  “Lady Marmalade” came on and he did a solo dance.


Clay didn’t get down, he got up.


Here’s a pic of everybody getting down.


Strip club The Pony rode around Downtown and handed out passes.

Post-BBQ Fest, my neighbor Nick and I and two girls went to Paula & Raiford’s Disco, and who did we see there but…


Apparently he didn’t get enough dancing in the Ques Brothers booth.


The disco was packed last night.  We stayed until about 3.

I’m not done with BBQ Fest yet… I still have more stuff to post.  Someone gave me a copy of the video of our Ms. Piggie Idol contest, and I’m going to upload it and post it.  I also did a booth walkthrough video that I’ll post, and then there’s a video of Skippy dancing last night that I need to review and decide if it is blogworthy.  Most likely it is.

I added about 160 pics from yesterday to the Ques Brothers photo gallery.  To jump right to yesterday’s pics, go to Page 12 and locate the photo tagged “Saturday, May 16.”  If you like looking at photos of 50 year old black men dancing, you’re probably going to be real happy with yesterday’s pics.

The team is tearing down the booth and loading out as I type this.  I’m using my webmaster exemption from physical labor.  I’m sure I’ll probably meet up with the team later today.

Hey, I just looked at the clock… it’s 12:03 and that means the Saucer is open.  Time for a beer.

BBQ Fest Friday: Hola Mexicanos

My BBQ teammates tell me that my blog has a loyal following in Mexico.  So, Hola Mexicanos, and I hope you enjoy today’s photos.


Gilligan Jr. plays catch with a beach ball.


One of the Whole Hog teams prepares their entry for the BBQ championship.


For the second year, our booth was a stop on the BBQ Fest poker run.  Participants played toss the beach ball and drink.


Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl standing next to Uncle Ray and eating.  Note that the Nuh-Uh Girl has a tube top on.


Here’s a pic of Esther eating.  Note that Esther has a tube top dress on.


Our cook team from Honky Tonk Barbeque prepares our championship entry.


News Channel 3 came by and did the weather from the rooftop of our booth.


Arts writer Skippy “Christopher” Blank and Alexis share a funnel cake.


We won 3rd Place in Best Booth.  I haven’t seen the first and second place entries, but I can’t imagine how they can be better then ours.  Still, though, a trophy’s a trophy, and thanks again to Holliday Flowers for doing such an amazing job decorating our booth.


The Nuh-Uh Sister and Nuh-Uh Girl asked me to post this pic, to prove to the world that they do look cute and they don’t spend all their time eating.


Ruchee wearing a tiara.  “I borrowed it from Terry.”  Note that Ruchee has a tube top on.


The girls enjoying a cold beverage on the rooftop of our booth.


Matching cowgirl outfits.


A rare pic of me in my own photo album, with a blog reader from Atlanta.  Nice meeting you, shoot me an e-mail at if you want to keep in touch.

I added 150 new pics to the Ques Brothers photo album.  You can see the album here, or if you want to jump straight to Friday’s pics, jump to Page 9 of the photo gallery and start with the pic tagged “Friday, May 15.”

Since the title of this post is “Hola Mexicanos,” I’ll tell a funny Mexico-related story.  I was standing near the entrance to our booth when a very drunk Yoko (wow I don’t think I’ve used that nickname since last year’s BBQ Fest) grabbed me by the shirt and slurred, “Paul.  Aren’t you worried about swine flu?  All these pigs being cooked and all these people here… don’t you think it’s possible that everyone’s going to get sick and die?”

At that moment one of our team members from Mexico walked by.  “IT’S HIS FAULT!” I told Yoko as I pointed at him.  “He brought the swine flu up with him from Mexico!”  And drunk Yoko started yelling at him.  Great fun.

For about 30 minutes last night I did the thing I swore I would not do this year… I worked security at the door.  Mikey had an emergency to take care of, and I was the nearest team member who has a good sense of who should come in and who should not.  So for 30 minutes, I had to argue with people and say no a lot.  Our rule was, team members can bring friends in, but friends can’t bring their friends in.  With as many people as we have on our team, we had to do it that way.  So I had to deal with “yeah but I know so-and-so, come on, let me in” for half an hour.  And “yeah I was in there drinking beer with y’all before, I’m friends with one of the main people on the team” but he couldn’t tell me what the main person’s name was.  Geez.

Today is the judging, so I’m staying out of the booth until about 2 PM so I don’t get in the way.  Hmmm… wonder if there’s a place between here and Tom Lee Park where I can start the day with a few beers… maybe someplace where the waitresses wear short skirts?  Note to my invited guests:  There’s a good chance I will be away from the booth from 6 to 7:30 PM for the awards ceremony.  If you need to find me call my cell phone.

Outta here for now… hopefully tomorrow I’ll have pics of a trophy to post.

Drinking finally caught up with me

Friday: I went out to the Saucer at 11 AM and then the Ques Brothers booth.  It’s past 2:30 AM and I just got home, with Saucer bookends.  My apologies to those expecting pics and a recap, but I must take the night off.  If I don’t get a full 8 hours sleep I will die.  Pics to come soon.