Fri update: Grizzlies and hockey watch parties, Metal Museum arts event

The Grizzlies have announced watch parties for the first two playoff games. They will set up screens outside on the FedExForum plaza and inside the Forum’s lobby, and the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 bar will be open for game viewing as well. Sunday’s party starts at 11 AM for the first game, and the second game’s watch party begins Wednesday at 6:30. More info here. (Hey, there’s Gary!)

If hockey is more your thing than basketball, there’s a watch party for that as well. Tonight Kooky Canuck will show the playoffs on their new HDTVs, with Rangers vs. Capitals at 6:30 and Blackhawks vs. Canucks at 9.

The Metal Museum is hosting Spring Arts on the Bluff Sunday. Performance by Hattiloo Theatre at 2 and the Stax Philharmonic at 3. There will be hands-on demos, blacksmiths working in the smithy, hot dogs from Cafe Eclectic and ice cream from Ms. Sally Anne’s. Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome.

Whew… fun night last night catching up with friends I hadn’t seen at a while. Saucer, then Kooky Canuck, then Raiford’s… it just doesn’t get much better than that. Tonight will probably be a quiet night. May get a few beers at the Saucer early in the evening, but I otherwise see myself sticking close to home. Ready for a long weekend of hot wing fest, brewfest, and crawfish fest!

TNA Wrestling to have “BaseBRAWL” event at AutoZone Park

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, the second-largest pro wrestling company in North America, has announced a big event coming to Memphis. On Saturday night, June 11, TNA Will present “Basebrawl” at AutoZone Park.

Stars announced for the show include TNA World Champion Sting, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett, and Matt Morgan. It’s very unusual for Sting to work a date other than TV and pay-per-view, which is a sign that TNA is treating this as a big deal.

Although he hasn’t been announced, management at The Pony should be aware that “Nature Boy” Ric Flair works for TNA, so get ready to roll out the red carpet for him later that evening.

After the wrestling ends, there will be a fireworks show. Tickets will be on sale at 10 AM tomorrow at the box office and on the Memphis Redbirds website. In addition to regular tickets, there will also be a $50 VIP ticket for sale that includes a meet-and-greet with the TNA stars at 5:30 that afternoon.

More details about the event can be found here.

Grizzlies playoff schedule; pep rally planned for Court Square tomorrow

The Grizzlies lost to the Clippers last night, finishing 8th in the Western Conference. As a result, we will meet the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. Here are game times, locations, and TV (if known at this time). All times are Central Daylight Time.

Game 1: Sun 4/17, noon in San Antonio (TNT)
Game 2: Wed 4/20, 7:30 PM in San Antonio (NBATV)
Game 3: Sat 4/23. 6:30 PM in Memphis (ESPN)
Game 4: Mon 4/25, time TBD in Memphis
Game 5 (if needed): Wed 4/27, time TBD in San Antonio
Game 6 (if needed): Fri 4/29, time TBD in Memphis
Game 7 (if needed): Sun 5/1, time TBD in San Antonio

Blast! Game 1 is during Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest, which I’m absolutely not missing. Guess I’ll have to rely on my iPhone for score updates. If the Grizz announce watch parties for the first two games, I’ll try to post details.

There will be a Grizzlies pep rally tomorrow in Court Square from 11:45 AM to 1 PM. Grizzlies Claw Crew and the Grizz Girls dancers will be there, and you can challenge Grizz to a round of Twister.

Go Grizzlies!

Peabody announces menu for first rooftop party; get there early before the Nuh-Uh Girl eats it all

The Peabody just posted its menu for the first rooftop party tonight. For those who have never been, your $15 cover (usually it’s $10, higher tonight because of Ingram Hill) not only includes your first drink, but a food buffet that changes from week to week.

Tonight they’re doing an Italian theme, with meatballs, penne pasta, and pizza rolls on the buffet, with Stella Artois as the featured beer.

If you’re in the VIP section (buy a season pass for $75 to get this), they’ll have bruschetta, antipasto, and fried ravioli.

Raiford’s to open on Thursday nights

This afternoon I confirmed a rumor that I’ve been hearing for weeks. If you plan to go to the Thursday night Peabody rooftop parties and were wondering where to party afterward this season, you have a new option, and it’s a good one.

Paula & Raiford’s Disco will be open. They plan to open at 9 PM on Thursdays and stay open until around 1 AM or so. Ladies will get in free until 11, and will pay $5 cover thereafter; men will pay $7 cover.

Raiford’s is a short walk from the Peabody. Just walk a block and a half north on Second Street, and the club will be on the right next to Elliott’s.

Should be a fun after-rooftop option. More upbeat than just sitting at a bar, but not the frenzy of Club Shadows where the Nuh-Uh Girl and her cougar dance party go on weekends. I’ll miss the first rooftop party tomorrow night due to friends in town, but I’ll probably make it to the next one… and possibly Raiford’s afterward.

South Main Precinct police officer named Officer of the Year

A South Main Precinct police officer has been named MPD Officer of the Year. Officer Brian Falatko has been recognized for his intuition thwarting crime and finding suspects. Congratulations to Officer Falatko!

Slow news day, but that’s because I pretty much exhausted my supply of news last night when I made three posts. I bought one of the Texas de Brazil VIP cards I blogged about last night. All last year I ate brunch for cheap (well, cheap compared to their regular prices anyway) on friends’ cards, so I decided it was time to buy one myself and give back.

Change of plans for me tonight… I’d planned to go to Bardog for Wednesday night poker, but I have work to do instead. Last weeked I upgraded my web hosting account to PHP5, accidentally breaking all 110 of my Amazon affiliate websites. Fixing them isn’t hard – just gotta put a couple of lines in a php5.ini file and FTP it over – but I have to do it 110 times. Fixed about 40 sites last night. Need to get the other 70 done tonight. I see no reason why I can’t fix the sites while drinking beer, so I’ll probably grab the netbook and hit the Saucer after work.

I will try to make it to the Grizzlies watch party at Bardog at 9:30. Go Grizz, although if it will help us avoid the Lakers I’m not so sure I’d mind a loss tonight.

Great deal for meat-eaters

A lot of Downtowners have been waiting for this… Texas de Brazil VIP cards are on sale again. You pay $59.99 for a punch card that can be used for up to 12 dinners at 50% off. If you use even 3 punches, you’ll make a profit on the card, and the $59.99 goes to the Children’s Cancer Fund.

There are various restrictions on the card, so be sure to read all the fine print before purchasing. The biggest restriction is that the card can’t be used Friday or Saturday nights or on major dining-out holidays. However, my group of friends has found these restrictions quite easy to work with: We go to Sunday brunch with the cards. Delicious meats, breakfast items like au gratin potatoes and bacon on the salad bar, and of course we add on the $3 unlimited mimosa. Getting a meal at TdB including mimosas, tax and tip for around $30 is quite the bargain.

Punches on the card must be used by September 29. One punch or many can be used at one table, but you can’t use multiple cards per table, so don’t get a group larger than 12 together when you go eat.

Attn gang (you know who you are): Do we want to get a bunch of these again? I’m certainly willing to pay for a card.

Tue update: Music Fest 3-day passes, changes at a local radio station, redesign, and An Evening of Classic Soul

I wonder if I was responsible for Memphis in May cutting off their 3-day passes early this year?

Last year they sold them up until the Wednesday before Music Fest. I blogged that I would wait until the last day to make my decision. If the weather looked good, I wrote, I’d buy a 3-day pass. If the forecast was for the weather to suck, I’d skip it. Wednesday came and rain was in the forecast. So I didn’t buy, and MiM missed out on my $69 (or however much it was last year). I know the people at MiM read my blog. I wonder if it had anything to do with their decision to cut off the 3-day passes on April 18 this year? If you wait until after the 18th, you’ll have to buy individual tickets to each day. If you’re sure you want to go all weekend, buy passes here before the deal runs out.

Congratulations to a couple of friends of mine who are stepping up to new gigs at Sports 56 WHBQ. Will Askew, who has done the afternoon drive-time show The Sports Bar for the past several years, will take over Ron Tillery’s spot on the Morning Rush from 6 to 8 AM. Tillery is leaving the station to spend more time with family. Congratulations to Will on winning the coveted morning drive-time spot. Guess the 6 AM start time will put a damper on his late nights at Max’s Sports Bar though.

Also congratulations to Chris Hrabe, who will take Will’s seat on The Sports Bar. He’s been the show’s producer and has had a weekly afternoon show of his own, and now he’s making the move to afternoon drive time. More info about the changes can be found on Sports 56’s site.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau site,, has a snazzy new redesign. Check it out here. If you meet people visiting from out of town, it’s a good link to give them.

There will be an Evening of Classic Soul in the Peabody’s Grand Ballroom Friday night, in celebration of Peabo Bryson’s 60th birthday. Performers on hand will include Jerry Butler, Dennis Edwards from the Temptations, Russell Thompkins, Jr., and The New Stylistics, The Emotions, Percy Sledge, Billy Paul, Archie Bell, Candi Staton, Maxine Brown, and Dee Dee Sharp. The event kicks off with cocktails at 7, then a seated dinner and then a 3-hour concert. The performers will mingle with the guests over cocktails. Event benefits The MED Foundation; get tickets on their site.

All right, guess I’ve procrastinated on my chores long enough. I hope the team is doing well at trivia tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be back out for the Grizzlies watch party at Bardog, and possibly poker as well.

Pics: Beale Street Wine Race

Home tonight. I took the night off from trivia, because I needed a day of rest, as well as time to get various chores done. One of those chores was the Wine Race photo post. Here you go, the best of 2011 Beale Street Wine Race:

Katie Mac really didn’t want her picture taken.
The root of all evil
A common excuse for drinking Call-a-Cabs is, “they make you smarter.” In Brick’s case that may actually be true.
Air Traffic Mike, seen here holding a Call-a-Cab, told me, “Christine made me promise I wouldn’t drink a Call-a-Cab.”
Clearly the Newby’s team put a lot of effort into their costumes.
Queen of the Vine
Winner Amanda with her legions of fans.
Yes, that’s a pig on Beale Street for Wine Race. We look forward to seeing him next month at BBQ Fest, where he’ll be known by his new name, Dinner.
After the show she put on last year, you’d think Lauren would have learned to avoid Call-a-Cabs, but here she is at the bar.
Lauren later in the afternoon
Grape stomp
Post-Wine Race. Kelly throwing darts at the Saucer.
Pieces of the plate Kelly broke with a dart. The plate was located about two feet above the top of the dart board’s frame.
Yeah I’d be embarrassed too.

Complete photo album (well, minus the 40 or so pics I’d get in trouble for posting) can be found at the links below: