Sunday update: Dinner on the farm, vegetarian plate at Rizzo’s and more

You may have seen flowers and produce from Whitton Farms of Tyronza, Arkansas at the Memphis Farmers Market or at Trolley Stop Market… but I bet very few of you have had the actual farm experience for yourself. Well, here’s your chance! On Sunday, June 25 from 3 to 6 PM, the farm will host a Celebration of Flowers dinner. Early summer is when the farm is really in full swing, and they want to share it with you. They will roast a whole hog from King’s Farm and chickens from Powahatan Farms. and of course there will be veggies from Whitton Farms itself. You can build your own tacos and sliders, and there will be casseroles, sides, and desserts. For entertainment there will be farm tours, hayrides, water slides, bouncy house, live music, arts and crafts, home brew demo, a floral demo, and dancing. Kids are $50 for adults, $15 for kids 11 and under. Parents: If your kids have lived in the city their entire lives, this would be an excellent way to show them what life on a farm is like.

Yesterday I had to go to South Main to run an errand for a friend, and the clock ticked past the 5:00 hour. “Rizzo’s is open!” I thought. “And it hasn’t had time to get crowded yet!” I paid my tab and hurried up Main Street.

Over the years, I’ve always advised vegetarians to eat dinner at Rizzo’s. Chef Michael Patrick has a vegetarian entree each day. It’s not just a salad, or a dish that normally comes with meat, with the meat taken off. He does something inventive and creative every time. So, just this once, I decided to try it. Now, I did cheat and order a bowl of bacon cheeseburger soup first. It’s not really cheating if you yourself are not a vegetarian, though! After I devoured the soup, out came the vegetarian special of the day.

The mini-pecan tarts on the right are what made this dish for me. It was very good. Am I going to choose the vegetarian plate over the chorizo meatloaf or the seafood pasta or the herb encrusted rack of lamb next time I go in? Absolutely not – but it’s because I eat meat, not because the veggie dish of the day isn’t good. My dinner order last night verified that I am not wrong when I recommend the place to vegetarians. My compliments, Chef! Fabulous combination of veggies and sauces and tarts.

On the way down to Max’s and Rizzo’s I stopped to see my friend Michele at Cafe Pontotoc. Something I didn’t know: You can get growler fills there for $9. They have a nice selection of drafts from local and regional breweries, as well as the Cadillac of beers, PBR.

The Redbirds are away from their home base right now, but I have a date for you to put on the calendar: Thursday, June 29. All-You-Can-Eat Thursday will be back that night, and they will have breakfast for dinner. Your specialty ticket gets you a seat for the game, one Coca-Cola product or bottled water, and all-you-can-eat scrambled eggs, waffles (with strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup), sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheddar grits, and fruit salad. Buy your ticket here.

Already have a ticket to the game? Upgrade to the buffet with a $10 wristband purchase.

Here are nine Russian words you need to know to understand the Trump-Russia investigation. These will help you understand how Putin stays in power, how concepts relatively new to the U.S. are accepted facts in Russia.

Time for D-RANKS with B-RAD at Sunday brunch at the Blind Bear. I was just there at 3 AM, and it will feel like I never left. Had to write this post though. Back tomorrow with more news.