Sunday update: Possible Uber scam Downtown

I got some additional information from one of my readers about the two women who target men in Downtown bars (“let’s go somewhere and have some fun”) in an attempt to take them to another location and rob them. It now appears they may be running fake car service scams down here as well.

Saturday afternoon a reader contacted me on Facebook Messenger and I gave him a more detailed description of the two women. He told me that early this year, he had left Bardog and two women, very closely matching those descriptions, were in a car outside. They told him, “We’re your Uber drivers!” and he got in. When they didn’t drive him in a straight path home, and talked about “stopping to have a good time” on the way, he began to get suspicious. He jumped out at a gas station and ran away.

Beware of any situation where your intuition tells you things are not right. Beware of going to another location with people you just met and barely know.

On to the news… Downtown Yoga has made a generous offer to those affected by the federal government shutdown. Until the shutdown ends, the yoga studio will be offering free classes for government employees. Check out their schedule here.


The Green Beetle is hiring a line cook.

This happened right down the street from me and I didn’t even know it: Huey’s Downtown opened its doors to the homeless on Christmas and fed them. That is awesome. Since I no longer have family, when it gets closer to Christmas 2019, I think I may go in and inquire whether they need volunteers.

Random thing I learned yesterday: There’s a website where you can upload photos of your dog and get the dog’s image on custom-printed socks.

Local wrestler/radio personality Dustin Starr will host a pre-party prior to WWE Monday Night Raw on Monday, January 14.

As a bonus, it will be Dustin’s wife Maria’s birthday. Come get Kooky before you walk over to FedExForum that night!

That’ll do it for now. I plan on getting out very early in the day both Monday and Tuesday, so I’m not sure if there will be posts those days. If I get any big news I will post from my phone.